Reading with Dad


Introducing books to Carter is fun! He loves sitting on someones knee and sharing / eating a book!

Carter’s caregiver adds photos to his journal and its so lovely to see his face light up as he looks at photos of himself and others and the activities they have done that day.

He particularly loves looking at photos of ‘Brown Dog’!



In this video Carter is 5 months old and he is already attending to the book and to Oliver. You can see the way Oliver gains Carter’s attention by repeatedly pointing to a photo as well as repeatedly tapping him on the upper arm. Carter is learning that this is a means of gaining attention. Holding him tight with the left arm, frees up the right hand to produce the signs on the pageCarter is now trying to create handshapes (you can see a quick snippet of this at the end of the clip as Oliver signs duck)


Here is Carter enjoying the book by himself. These board books are great with the finger puppet included – the movement is engaging and attracts the baby’s attention.


And here is Oliver reading the same book to Carter. Notice how he is sitting with Carter, frees both of his arms so he can hold the book and sign and ‘hold’ the baby. As baby becomes more mobile this hold will not be safe. But in this small window of time where it is, its a great way to enjoy books and conversations together.

Depending on your level of comprehension in NZSL you may or may not realise that Oliver is not sticking to the text in the book. He is loosely telling the story, exaggerating signs and making it fun for Carter to watch and enjoy.

This is a really important part of enjoying books with little ones. Don’t stress over which signs you know and don’t know. Work from the pictures and follow the child’s interest and eye gaze. Explore the book together and create a story that you feel you can sign!


Reading with Deaf Children


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We are a bilingual bicultural family living in NZ Deaf Dad, hearing Mum, And 3 kids:) (2 Deaf and 1 hearing)
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