I cannot remember what we did many moons ago when Zoe and Eli were babies. We have been looking for fun, engaging toys that are not sound based. It’s definitely a challenge!

I would be interested to hear from other parents of Deaf babies – what toys did your little ones love?

Many of the ‘sound’ toys also have lights and movement so they are accessible and fun, but they are so expensive that I don’t think its worth spending the money on them when sound is the main focus of them.


The toys that Carter loves and work well for Deaf babies are the traditional ‘back to basics’ toys – soft toys, stacking blocks, linking chains, puppets etc



From a very early age Carter loved to hold and now chew on these links


the bouncer had this toy attached with flashing lights



The one ‘v-tech’ toy we splashed out on – he loves to watch the flashing light! but only for a short time. Not a toy of choice.


this holds Carter’s attention and he is now working out that he can cause it to move! (love the concentration on his face in this pic)


cuddly toys are still a fave


balls are always a fave!


IMG_5336 (1)

building towers and knocking them down – definitely one of the favourite toys!



I recently found this toy (on sale!) and Carter loves it at bed time. When you push the tummy it plays a lullaby – which I find soothing 🙂 and it gently vibrates – which he finds soothing!








This is a gift Carter received from good friends of ours when he was born. This is one of his FAVOURITE toys. He is beginning to move around the floor and will move towards his dinosaurs everytime!

This year in school Zoe studied ‘Integrated Technology’- one of the assignments was to design and make a toy. Zoe thought about the situation with Carter and decided she was going use this as her focus. She created these soft cuddly hands that Carter can play with. They have movable fingers so that handshapes can be made!!


I am always on the look out for toys, books, puzzles that incorporate and celebrate Sign Language. So if you have a toy that you found was excellent for your Deaf baby, please let me know 🙂

I look forward to updating this as we find more and more fun and accessible toys.



About fergfam5

We are a bilingual bicultural family living in NZ Deaf Dad, hearing Mum, And 3 kids:) (2 Deaf and 1 hearing)
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