Language continues to develop!

Tonight Carter was playing happily on the floor and as we were all interacting with him and signing around him, he got so excited and then ‘told’ us an elaborate story about his day (well that’s what I reckon it was about!)

He is now babbling with real purpose and he knows exactly what he’s expressing – its gorgeous to watch. He is babbling with more rhythmical movements and when you look at this video you can see just in 5-6 weeks the change in the rhythm, location, complexity and the pace of the ‘signing’.


We attended an event put on by the Wellington Assoc for Deaf Children and Carter had a great time. As we were sitting for lunch Im so thankful to Elijah for having the camera on as he captured this!!! This is the first time that Carter has mimicked actual signs. He signs MUM FOOD. #proudmum


Everything is happening at such a rapid pace he is communicating more, he’s cut two teeth and has worked out how to move around the floor with a combination of dragging/crawling/rolling/bum shuffling!

Never a dull moment with this wee man in the house!


About fergfam5

We are a bilingual bicultural family living in NZ Deaf Dad, hearing Mum, And 3 kids:) (2 Deaf and 1 hearing)
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1 Response to Language continues to develop!

  1. maureen says:

    this is excellent as it will teach other new mums how to communicate with their baby even if he is hearing…so your carter is a real cutie star xx

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