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Don’t Worry Baby

Originally posted on Kristin Snoddon:
I just returned from the World Federation of the Deaf Conference, which had a special focus on deaf education, and where I participated in a workshop preceding the conference. Specifically, the focus of the conference…

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Seeing language develop!

Where does the time go!!! We now have two teenagers and a toddler! A walking, signing 1 year old. This stage of Zoe and Elijah’s lives is a blur to me. But this time around I am savouring every moment. … Continue reading

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My life

Originally posted on – zoe l ferguson –:
I was born deaf in New Zealand, my dad is deaf and my mum is hearing and my little brother Elijah who is hearing. My dad was born deaf and his family…

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I cannot remember what we did many moons ago when Zoe and Eli were babies. We have been looking for fun, engaging toys that are not sound based. It’s definitely a challenge! I would be interested to hear from other … Continue reading

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There are a number of checklists available to families that look at the developmental milestones and language development. In NZ families with deaf children are ¬†given the Monitoring Protocols and these are checked by the parents and AODC. They are … Continue reading

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Reading with Dad

  Introducing books to Carter is fun! He loves sitting on someones knee and sharing / eating a book! Carter’s caregiver adds photos to his journal and its so lovely to see his face light up as he looks at … Continue reading

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“He won’t have to be Deaf for long”

In the past 4 months, I have made so many trips to audiology and ENT, it’s mind-boggling! The path to identification was a very different experience to that which we had with Zoe, 14 years ago. This time round we went … Continue reading

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